Toronto artists

“Passport Radio” by Broken Social Scene

Who knows how many essays I have written while the comforting ambience of Broken Social Scene crept into my ears and my subconsciousness.


“Cooling the Medium” by Martha and the Muffins

There was a book about African drumming we were reading at the time which had a photo of a woman in a trance state being supported by others around her. The caption of the photo was “Cooling the medium”. The explanation was that she, the medium, had to be “cooled down” in order to safely return from the spirit world. We built the lyrics of the song around that idea as a starting point.

Martha and the Muffins in 2015

Rex Murphy (2014.10.11)

Glenn Gould, gone 32 years, is now as popular as ever

Hear Gould playing the Keyboard Concertos, the Inventions, the Suites — anything of Bach — and the music is new again. He brought to this composer, whom so many saw (wrongly) as a staid, unemotional, religious musician, a fierce kinetic charge and drive that compelled listening.

He played Bach as saints used to pray: totally immersed, self lost to the music.

—Rex Murphy, National Post (2014.10.11)