the “Kursed Stone” from Thor: The Dark World

Kursed Stone” (Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki)

I’m not sure why other online fans of the Marvel Studio’s Thor and Avenger franchises haven’t come to the obvious conclusion that the glowing red stones the Dark Elves crushed in order to transform themselves into the “Kursed” contained a small portion of the Aether, one of the “Infinity Stones.”

I mean, the Kursed stones glowed red just like the Aether, and it imparted paramount superhuman abilities, just like the Aether (was supposed to).

Considering how much stronger Algrim became from just a handful of Aether the substance, shouldn’t Malekith, upon consuming all of the Aether, have become a god among gods? That is, instead of transforming into Thor’s physical and magical equal, Malekith should’ve easily stopped Thor in his tracks and pummeled the God of Thunder senseless as Kurse had done.