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Post #1000—Rev: “Tokyo Story” [1953]


Despite the international popular acclaim for Rashomon, IkiruThrone of Blood, Seven SamuraiKagemushaRan, and even Gojira, the Tokyo Story remains the greatest Japanese film ever made. It’s a simple and slow-paced film, the type many of the more aggressive film critics of today would condemn it for being languid and indulgent, just as they had condemned Lost in Translation for being slown. But slowness isn’t a sin, and especially not for Yasujiro Ozu film.



Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters [1985, Criterion]

  1. To understand modern Japan, we must read and seek to understand Yukio Mishima.
  2. We are all complex creatures. And complex creatures require complex films full of sound, fury, colour, and beauty.

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