starships that are taller than their length

Specs: Bairal Jin [Ideon]

The second-largest Buff Clan starship, and one of the largest starships in Sci-Fi, the unique Bairal Jin served as the flagship of the Buff Clan just prior to their extinction. In addition to the Bairal Jin‘s arsenal of missile launchers, it carried a substantial complement of heavy mecha to fight the Ideon super mecha. A heavily armoured and robust design, the Bairal Jin was still able to operate even after the Ideon destroyed half of it.



Specs: Minbari Warcruiser [Babylon 5]


  • Role: Heavy Cruiser
  • Origin: Minbari Federation
  • Introduction: prior to 2245 [1]
  • Status: in service as of 2281 [2]
  • Primary User: Minbari Warrior Caste [3]
  • Number Built: >100 [4]