Rev: my last two rentals

Spotlight (2015)

  • Grade: A
  • Measured, intimate, and systemic portrayal of the investigation by the Boston Globe‘s Spotlight team on the system child sexual abuse scandal and cover-up by the Catholic Church in Boston.
  • Favourite Moment: that moment when Robby finally gets his inside source.
  • Yes, as a former journalist I can say that the majority of the work consists of leg work. Staring in front of the computer crunching numbers and grinding out the writing is the second biggest slice of the pie.
  • Bonus Point: juxtapositioned Toyota Camrys’ and their idiosyncratic drivers.

Zootopia (2016)

  • Grade: A
  • Hilarious … with a deep message.
  • Rewatching may be necessary given the brisk pace of the film.
  • Favourite Moment: entrapment.
  • This film might have been advertised for kids but like The Simpsons it was not necessarily meant for them.