Jean Beliveau

Raymond J. de Souza (2014.12.11)

The grace of ‘Le Gros Bill’

Richard expressed the passionate assertion of a proud French Canadian, brilliant and raw.

Béliveau was the cultured gentleman, undoubtedly Quebecois, but open to a world of literature and opera, not only a man of Catholic devotion but also a man of truly catholic interests. It would be too much to argue that Richard embodied the path Quebec took, while Béliveau was the model of what Quebec aspired to be, but there is more than a little to that.

—Raymond J. de Souza, National Post (2014.12.11)


Jean Beliveau, 1931–2014

Jean Beliveau, 17-time winner of the Stanley Cup (10 as a player), and 10-year captain of the Montreal Canadiens, inspiration to players from Guy Lafleur to Darryl Sittler, has passed away at 83.