Trip to Tobermory, Part 1

The Rationale

My sister had wanted to go to Tobermory and Flower Pot Island for several summers now. She wanted to see the sights and enjoy a great close to a busy summer. After a few abortive attempts, that involved people driving cars, my mother by chance found a tour company that was going there. So, we signed up and left this morning.

We are pros at this thing. We asked around for advice and experiences. We booked during an unpopular week of tourists. We checked the weather for perfection. We packed accordingly. We forced ourselves to wake up early for the bus. We learned to sleep on the road during long stretches. And we avoided all the basic choke-points at the freeway rest stops: long lines for the ladies restroom, A&W, understaffed food places, and not keeping track of departure time…


David Lynch’s Dune