Donald Trump

Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids



Fmr. FBI Director James Comey’s Testimony to the US Senate Intelligence Committee

I read James Comey’s prepared statement last night, after it was released to and analyzed by mainstream US news outlets. But seeing is far different from reading.

Also, has it been less than a year since millions hated this man for interfering with the US presidential election by digging up the case-closed Hillary Clinton email server investigation prior to voting?

Ah, what strange-bedfellows politics makes.

What a Time to Be a Political Journalist

It must be a gold mine for political journalists in Washington these days, with new twists, turns, and scandals every day.

One day a hastily written health care bill is steamrolled into the House of Representatives. On the next day the US President fires the FBI director in the midst of an investigation within the government. Then, the US President openly mentions the possibility of recordings between him and the ex-FBI director over sensitive issues. Then a presidential photo-op with Henry Kissinger. Then this whole Russian thing and now President Trump has apparently spilled secrets to the Russians.

2017: a gold mine for some and a mine field for others.

Photo of the Week

The RCMP near Hemmingford, Que., aided Sudanese and Yemeni twice-refugees after they crossed the Canada-US border in fear of the Trump administration. The refugees were arrested by the RCMP, as a matter of law, but they are now allowed to stay in Canada to process their refugee claims (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via CTV News).

Dear American Friends Thinking About Moving to Canada Because of Trump’s Presidency

Hi all, I’d like to thank you for considering about joining me in my little country just north of where you live, or in the case of Alaskans and Hawaiians, to your east. Anyways, I would like to welcome you to Canada, if you come. However, I would like to kindly remind said all that the problems of your homeland will not be resolved through emigration.

While I sympathize with Democratic Party voters, moving to another country will not realize your dreams. Instead, the Democratic Party must gain control of the White House, the Supreme Court, and, most importantly, the US Congress.

How can this be accomplished?

In broad and simple strokes, the Democratic Party should:

  1. Maintain consistent and ongoing grassroots work among constituents,
  2. Fight tooth and nail for every vote in America—especially the rural votes—rather than preach to its urban choir, and
  3. Take control of Congress, duh.

I do salute Hillary for speaking to the better angels of Americans and for being the only sane presidential choice. She was the better candidate and she would have been elected head of government of another country years ago. It is ironic that although Hillary has inspired a generation of female heads of government around the world, she herself was not elected the President of the US. I hope she isn’t arrested for simply being Trump’s opponent, because that would be quite totalitarian and wrong.

It is also unfortunate, I know, that the writers of The Simpsons were right and that Donald Trump will become the president of the United States. At the least, however, that means that there will be some four years in which the Democratic Party can rebuild itself into something that functions… functions well and that functions competitively.