Quoted: Rex Murphy (2015.10.16)

from “Tom Mulcair was always going to be the man in the middle

Next, though he (Tom Mulcair) held the rank of Opposition leader, and though he had a parliamentary caucus far superior in numbers to the third-place party, he was never seen fully to occupy the role [….]

The ancient cleavage of Canadian politics — Libs and Tories — held.

During his time as the Leader of the Official Opposition, Mulcair demonstrated

(a)ll very credible achievements, but none of it the stuff of excitement and flair. None of it a matter of style.

Style counts.

—Rex Murphy, National Post (2015.10.16)

Conrad Black (2014.12.6)

A word of reply to my critics

It is a fine thing that talented novelists […] and some able contemporary writers, should romanticize these native societies; this is excellent literature. But it is fiction, and I am writing history.

The CBC unearthed someone to claim on its website that I was motivated in my reflections on the native people by snobbery and economic condescension. If he wants to stop playing trick or treat and write that I am a racist, which is what he was implying, it will be my pleasure to sue him and the outlet he uses for his vitriol, for defamation, as I have successfully sued many others.

—Conrad Black, National Post (2014.12.6)