1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V, Bill Blass Designer Edition

A 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V, Bill Blass edition with vinyl top and opera windows (Future Classics)

The last of the mammoth, gas-guzzling American cars, the Lincoln Continental Mark V represented a peak of American opulence and excess. From the concealed headlights to the huge 7.5 litre V8 engine, from its 19.5 foot frame to its 2.2 tonne weight, from its CB radio option to styling by four major fashion houses, the Mark V established records that still stand today, e.g. 7 MPG on average! One did not simply drive a Continental Mark V… one steered it.

I’ve been particularly drawn to the anachronistic but über-handsome nautical-themed 1979 Bill Blass edition and I’ve tried to track one down as my weekend driver.