Toronto Tales, Volume 1

Toronto Tales, Volume 1, Stories from a Beautiful City has had quite a long gestation period. Back in 2010, I had envisaged this project as a multi-author short story anthology. Then in 2011, I changed the project into a cross between (1) a short story collection and (2) my own version of James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Between 2011 and 2012, I wrote many of the short stories that would appear in this book. In May 2013, I wrote an incomplete draft, just before my first traffic court trial and my subsequent victory. This first draft totalled 139 letter-sized pages and 77,442-words. However, the draft was missing one thing: my still-incomplete novella Linger.

My current plans for this book is a Christmas 2013 deadline.


Fall I

  1. Introductions from the Bus
  2. Halloween Eve


  1. 20 Minutes More
  2. Stir My Soul
  3. “A Friday Night in 2019”


  1. “Traffic Jam”
  2. Raise High the Paper Lanterns
  3. “Twenty One”
  4. Saturday Night
  5. Linger (chapter 1)


  1. Seven Towers
  2. “Route 66” (from Champagne Supernova)
  3. That Lost Summer
  4. “The Last Night of the World”
  5. Linger (chapter 2)

Fall II

  1. “Kendo”
  2. A Portrait of the Artist
  3. Linger (chapter 3+)
  4. “The Good Teacher”
  5. “Game Six”
  6. “In Snow Country”