DC Comics

[Justice League] Comic-Con Reveal

  • Wonder Woman – 0:24
  • Commissioner Gordon – 0:48
  • Batman – 0:52
  • Father Box or Mother Box – 1:13
  • Queen Hippolyta – 1:16
  • Steppenwolf – 1:20
  • Aquaman – 1:26
  • Cyborg – 1:35
  • Green Lantern Corps reference – 1:36
  • Superman or Supergirl – 1:41
  • The Flash – 1:43
  • Alfred Pennyworth – 1:57
  • Superman or Orion or a Green Lantern – 4:00

Jack Kirby’s New Gods

Prophecies have ordained that the final battle of chaos and order shall take place in a firepit–a burning, blasting sore on the surface of Apokolips.

There the father shall face the son he gave to his greatest enemy, and die at his hand.

—Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen, Legion of Super-Heroes #294, 28

Warner and DC should be making a New Gods film trilogy… without Zack Snyder.

Rev: Batman v Superman [2016]

[Warner Bros.]

Grade B/B-

I finally watched this film after the night shift at work and, despite being a critic of it for a long time, I can now conclude that I’m just neutral about it. While this is not the worst superhero film that I have ever seen, it is a notch lower than Man of Steel when it didn’t need to be. Deadpool is still the film to beat.

If you’re into big explosions, watch it. If you want a story, don’t watch it. If you’re a comics fan, watch it, but only once.

(Spoilers Below)