Cal 3

In Canada, with a population of just over 35 million, I’ve read Canadians complain about poor governance, stretched services, and service delays. With that in mind, I can barely imagine how governance and services must be in California, a US state with a population of almost 40 million and an area almost 24-times smaller than Canada. While I’ve never lived in California, people who do have repeatedly gone to lengths to divide their state up.

And it might be a good idea if:

  • It results in better and more efficient governance,
  • It improves the quality of life for Californians, and
  • Gives the Democrats a few more seats in the US Senate.

Read the Wikipedia article on “Cal 3

What am I reading right now? (2018-3-11)

I am reading a bunch of stuff right now, with several dozen things bookmarked and at least 45 items on one of my library cards.


  • I am reading chapter 3 of Junction Landlord, by Toronto activist and fellow York U alum Jessie Zimmerman.
  • I should be in chapter 2 of Dune Messiah but I haven’t checked in a while.
  • I started Noble House last month.
  • I’m trying to quickly start and finish Daisy Miller.
  • I believe I’m done reading the parts of Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography that I was interested in, specifically those about his university years and later professorship in Basel.
  • I have purchased the final available copy of Janice Kim’s To Live to Work: Factory Women in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945 that was on Amazon and I will read it once I receive it. Janice was my first professor at York University and has been a friend for over a decade.
  • I am reading Ontario labour law for one of my jobs.
  • I am always enticed to borrow a Toni Morrison novel from work, as we have a stylishly designed set. However, I always forget that I have a copy of Song of Solomon in a to read pile next to my desktop.
  • Bought a copy of The New Yorker after speaking to an associate at Chapters. Should’ve asked for her name.
  • >40 other books and movies in my room to read or to watch. I need another IKEA Billy shelf for these.

The Grey Cup and Other Things

Exhibition Stadium in 1959 [CNE Archives, Public Domain]

In the wake of yesterday’s Grey Cup, a few things came to my mind:

  • gridiron football in the snow is amazing
  • all future Grey Cups should be played in the snow
  • the last two times the Grey Cup has been played in the snow were both won by the Toronto Argonauts
  • the Maritimes deserve a CFL team or two
  • the CFL is the last North American major league that has resisted merging with its US counterpart
  • Canadian interest in NFL has steadily increased over the years while American interest in the NFL has declined
  • CTE remains is a huge issue that must be resolved
  • the CFL should see a viewership increase after this game, but
  • the CFL has seen its audience shrunk tremendously over the past few decades
  • the Argos used to have bigger digs than BMO Field


Coup d’état underway in Zimbabwe

In the same improbable year that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe—long considered in the West as a dictator who has led his country to economic ruin—was elected the World Health Organization’s goodwill ambassador, he has been overthrown by his own military.

The Zimbabwe people are now at a crossroads. Don’t waste this…

a Canadian city getting Amazon’s HQ2?

I would like it if Amazon choose a Canadian city for their second North American headquarters, and I actually wouldn’t mind if a city other than Toronto gets it. For instance, my most recent trip to Montreal showed me that that city is in dire need of an economic booster shot. Meanwhile, Toronto and the GTA seems bursting at the seams and our infrastructure doesn’t seem like it handle +50,000 more people. However, Quebec has just passed their Bill 62, another unpleasant and divisive law that undoubtedly will drive more people away from la belle province… probably the same people Amazon would want to recruit.