Link: Jason Schreier on [Mass Effect: Andromeda]

The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Troubled Five-Year Development” by Jason Schreier

Like many stories of difficult or even failed video game development that I’ve read, from the collapse of Ion Storm to Battlecruiser 3000AD to Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) and arguably Half-Life 2 Episode Three/Half-Life 3, it all seems to boil down to trying to do too much when one doesn’t have a firm idea what the final finished product looks like or has no inclination to actually come up with a finished product. Sure, creativity doesn’t work on a timetable, it takes as much time as it—blah, blah, blah—creativity.

Please, our best writers and painters and scientists eventually get work done. Sculptors chisel away at the rock knowing what they’re looking for. Despite a tough time, I eventually wrote 50 short stories and a handful of novels from 2009 to 2012, like, under a thousand pages of literary fiction, because I wouldn’t start until had a beginning, middle and an end. Sadly, in the video game industry, there are a fair bit of developers, mostly on the smaller side, who are just all talk but once the popular support or the development money comes rolling in or come crunch time they’re gone and people are left hanging.

Now, that didn’t necessarily happen with Andromeda but tons of other stuff did. Read Schreier’s article!

My Main Take Aways from Schreier’s Article:


What a Time to Be a Political Journalist

It must be a gold mine for political journalists in Washington these days, with new twists, turns, and scandals every day.

One day a hastily written health care bill is steamrolled into the House of Representatives. On the next day the US President fires the FBI director in the midst of an investigation within the government. Then, the US President openly mentions the possibility of recordings between him and the ex-FBI director over sensitive issues. Then a presidential photo-op with Henry Kissinger. Then this whole Russian thing and now President Trump has apparently spilled secrets to the Russians.

2017: a gold mine for some and a mine field for others.

Air Miles

When I go to my local Metro, which is rare, I notice little signs that state that only a few products will actually earn a customer Air Miles. And when I receive emails from Air Miles, they tell me that they’re clawing back benefits and services. If profit margins and subscriptions are shrinking, Air Miles should really expand the number of products that are eligible for their miles.


Photo of the Week

The RCMP near Hemmingford, Que., aided Sudanese and Yemeni twice-refugees after they crossed the Canada-US border in fear of the Trump administration. The refugees were arrested by the RCMP, as a matter of law, but they are now allowed to stay in Canada to process their refugee claims (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via CTV News).