I recently read an interesting comment on YouTube that masterpieces of film are just like masterpieces of art in that they can be remade but never perfected.

Asides from crappy plots and the shaky cam, who alive now could truly fit the shoes of Heston as Ben-Hur or Moses, much less Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra? Can there be anyone today who can be Dorothy Gale other than Judy Garland, Citizen Kane other than Orson Welles, and Norma Desmond other than Gloria Swanson? Who alive can replace Bogie as Sam Spade or Bogie as Rick Blaine or Bogie as Bogie?


People can try but trying is different from being.

Rev: Star Trek Beyond

A short review:


IMHO as a veteran Trekker, despite the limited character development of the villain and perhaps being a bit too short, Beyond is one of the top five Star Trek films, ever. Beyond is also among my five favourite 2016 movies, along with Spotlight, Deadpool, Zootopia, and Captain America: Civil War.

This film is best experienced in IMAX and D-BOX.


Rev: Batman v Superman [2016]

[Warner Bros.]

Grade B/B-

I finally watched this film after the night shift at work and, despite being a critic of it for a long time, I can now conclude that I’m just neutral about it. While this is not the worst superhero film that I have ever seen, it is a notch lower than Man of Steel when it didn’t need to be. Deadpool is still the film to beat.

If you’re into big explosions, watch it. If you want a story, don’t watch it. If you’re a comics fan, watch it, but only once.

(Spoilers Below)