Nile Rodgers and the Spoons

Didn’t know until I just read it, but after (or before?) Nile Rodgers worked with David Bowie on Let’s Dance, and changed his sound, Rodgers passed up an opportunity to produce an album for the Culture Club to work with Burlington’s own The Spoons on Talkback. Rodgers then produced The Spoons’ singles “Tell No Lies” and “Romantic Traffic.” I never thought about the connection between the sound in Let’s Dance and in Talkback. Now I can’t help but hear it.


“Cooling the Medium” by Martha and the Muffins

There was a book about African drumming we were reading at the time which had a photo of a woman in a trance state being supported by others around her. The caption of the photo was “Cooling the medium”. The explanation was that she, the medium, had to be “cooled down” in order to safely return from the spirit world. We built the lyrics of the song around that idea as a starting point.

Martha and the Muffins in 2015