Feels like a great day

Feels like a great day for writing!

Grad school applications done and out of the way. Scheduling some reviews, short stories, and novel chapters to finish off. I also have three CUPE job applications to respond to. Just thought of about some short stories set around the University of Toronto’s downtown campus based on kernels of my childhood memories living and being around there.

Nile Rodgers and the Spoons

Didn’t know until I just read it, but after (or before?) Nile Rodgers worked with David Bowie on Let’s Dance, and changed his sound, Rodgers passed up an opportunity to produce an album for the Culture Club to work with Burlington’s own The Spoons on Talkback. Rodgers then produced The Spoons’ singles “Tell No Lies” and “Romantic Traffic.” I never thought about the connection between the sound in Let’s Dance and in Talkback. Now I can’t help but hear it.

Book of Lyrics

Last night, I finally began to collect my favourite song lyrics for a binder of them in my room. I thought for a while about the first entry, for a song that I felt should not only be preserved but proliferated. A great song is one that is worth re-singing again and again.

The choice was clear. I choose Gilbert and Sullivan’s “He is an Englishman.”

Sixpence None the Richer

I haven’t mentioned it, though everybody probably knows it, but I’ve heard a lot of late-90s Sixpence None the Richer between mid-February and now. Not sure if it was a Valentine’s Day phenomenon or how everything from the ’90s is just coming back as whole rather than sequentially. For a long time, I wondered if songs like “There She Goes” (originally by The La’s) and “Kiss Me” would have been strong enough to survive the decades, but I am glad that these gems from my youth have survived and have endured as treasures for a new generation.

Perhaps it’s time that I revisit There She Goes, the first novel that I ever plotted chapters for and gave a soundtrack to back in 2006 but never wrote…

Nah, I’m deep into musings concerning my thirtysomething-lothario-dying-of-a-wasting-disease NaNoWriMo novel.