Master of Information (Library & Information Science) @ the UofT

Every once in a while, I like to plan ahead on future things I want to study, even if they will be long after my next MA or a PhD.

Program Details

  • School: University of Toronto
  • Course Description: “MI graduates are the next generation of valued professionals, able to lead the progression of information design, organization, storage, access and retrieval, dissemination, preservation, conservation and management. With a deep understanding of the needs of society, career opportunities are found across all industries and sectors.”
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Duration: typically two years.
  • Admission Requirements: the MI website specified a bachelor’s degree with a B average, though successful applicants typically have a B+ average in their final full year of study. However, the “2018 Entry: Application Essentials” PDF stated that the minimum CGPA for admission was B+.
  • Tuition (full-time): $12,485.14 (including $1,595.14 in fees) per year.
  • Tuition (part-time): $3,954.90 (with $819.90 in fees) per year.
  • Application Fee: $125.
  • Progression A: For the Diploma In Advanced Study in Information Studies (DAIS), a MLIS with a B+ average.
  • Progression B: For the PhD in Information Studies, a MLIS with an A- average.


  • Duration: Typically 2 years full-time. Maximum of 3 years full-time and 6 years part-time
  • Compulsory Course(s): INF1005H and 6H – Information Workshops.
  • Structure: 8 full course equivalents. By coursework alone (with two pathways), by coursework and co-op, by coursework and thesis. Seven course concentrations are available, including Library & Information Science.
  • Co-op Option: There is the opportunity for two consecutive, full time, paid work terms. Cannot be combined with the thesis.
  • Thesis: The thesis must be no longer than 21,000 words (minus bibliography and etc.). Theses must be viva voce defended and must comply with the ethics board.