Specs: Bairal Jin [Ideon]

The second-largest Buff Clan starship, and one of the largest starships in Sci-Fi, the unique Bairal Jin served as the flagship of the Buff Clan just prior to their extinction. In addition to the Bairal Jin‘s arsenal of missile launchers, it carried a substantial complement of heavy mecha to fight the Ideon super mecha. A heavily armoured and robust design, the Bairal Jin was still able to operate even after the Ideon destroyed half of it.


  • Role: Battleship / Assault Carrier
  • Origin: Buff Clan
  • Introduction: 2300
  • Status: in service as of 2300
  • Primary User: Buff Clan
  • Number Built: 1

Physical Characteristics

  • L x W x H: ? m x 4,800 m x 15,000 m
  • Mass: 170 million tonnes

Standard Defences

  • Heavy Particle Beam Cannon x 24
  • Missile Launcher x ±78
  • Other Weapons


  • Extra-Galactic Null Space Drive
  • Range of ±150 million light years

Embarked Craft

  • Shuttles
  • Ganga Lubu Heavy Mecha
  • Zanza Lubu Super Heavy Mecha

Production Background

  • Designed for Space Runaway Ideon.

Further Sources

  • Space Runaway Ideon,
  • The Ideon: Be Invoked,
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  • Gears Online (website).