Air Miles

When I go to my local Metro, which is rare, I notice little signs that state that only a few products will actually earn a customer Air Miles. And when I receive emails from Air Miles, they tell me that they’re clawing back benefits and services. If profit margins and subscriptions are shrinking, Air Miles should really expand the number of products that are eligible for their miles.

My parents have had an Air Miles card since 1997, after I had encouraged them to sign up. I enrolled myself into the program when I was in high school. Together, my family has a combined zero Air Miles. My parents typically don’t shop anywhere that still offers the program nor do they specifically buy products that would earn them such miles. As for me, Air Miles screwed up my registration and I had to re-sign up, twice over a year, in order to get things cleared up and by then non-Air Miles stores with cheaper products had popped up everywhere, e.g. Walmart. However, I, and many other subscribers that I know receive one too many emails about service eliminations, service disruptions, and service limitations from this program.

If Air Miles wasn’t declaring that subscribers miles would expire, they’re shutting down service due to e-security concerns and, now, limiting the amount that subscribers can redeem each day.

Here’s a question: Why bother? Why bother further antagonizing your customer base if the only time your program is in the news is when some poorly considered policy insults your customers and devalues your product in face of its competition?

Don’t contract, expand.