Specs: Primus-class [Babylon 5]


  • Role: Heavy Cruiser [1]
  • Origin: Centauri Republic
  • Status: in service as of 2281 [2]
  • Primary User: Centauri starfleet
  • Number Built: >9 [3]

Physical Characteristics

  • L x W x H: about a mile in length [4]

Standard Defences

  • Heavy Particle-Pulse Cannon x 8 [5]
  • Particle-Pulse Cannon x 6 [6]
  • Mass Driver x 1 (Optional) [7]


  • FTL via hyperspace jump engines

Embarked Craft

  • Sentri-class Fighters [8] [9]
  • Aerospace Shuttles

Known Named Ships

  • Valerius.

Production Background

  • The Primus was designed by John Teska. [10]


  1. Arguably a “battleship” class but also arguably not.
  2. Sleeping in Light.
  3. Four mass driver-equipped Primuses were directly seen bombarding Narn. I would argue that the reflection of the two Primuses in Londo Mollari’s window could only come from two additional Primuses, for a total of six that assaulted Narn. Two Primuses were destroyed in separate battles with Narn cruisers in And Now For a Word and in The Fall of Night. Also, at least one unarmed, VIP-transport variant of the Primus-class was seen during the series.
  4. Conjecture, but this would be consistent with the other flagship classes of the “Younger Races.”
  5. The Fall of Night. Note, the weapons sfx for these turrets are the same as for the slightly smaller, more forward turrets.
  6. And Now For a Word and in The Fall of NightAnd Now For a Word also shows anti-ship pulse weapons being fired from the bottom of a Primus‘ hanger bay.
  7. In the Long Twilight Struggle.
  8. Seems probable, considering the Primus‘ large hanger bay doors and since all the capital ships of the major B5 powers carried fightercraft… with the exception of the Vorlons.
  9. The Official Guide to Babylon 5 CD-ROM from 1997 has been disregarded, here, there, and everywhere.
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