Specs: Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-class [Macross DYRL]


  • Full Class Name: Nupetiet-Vergnitzs V VI III I-class
  • Role: Battleship [1]
  • Origin: Protoculture Stellar Republic
  • Introduction: >400,000 BCE [2]
  • Status: in service as of 2045 [3]
  • Primary User: Zentradi Army
  • Secondary User: UN Spacy
  • Number Built: several thousand to possibly millions [4]

Physical Characteristics

  • L x W x H: 4,002 m x 600 m x 620 m [5]
  • Mass: 170 million tonnes

Standard Defences

  • Heavy Converging Super Dimension Cannon x 1
  • Particle Beam Cannons
  • Light Particle Beam Cannons
  • Anti-Ship Missile Launcher x ±56
  • Anti-Fighter Missiles


  • FTL capable via hyperspace fold engines
  • Possibly 20,512 c [6]
  • Endurance of several hundred thousand years.

Embarked Craft

  • Shuttles
  • Aerospace Fighters
  • Battle Pods

Production Background

  • Designed by Miyatake Kazutaka for Studio Nue and Big West. [7]
  • The class was significantly modified between the original TV series and DYRL with the addition of a powerful cannon along the length of the ship.

Further Sources


  1. Specifically, a medium-sized fleet command battleship.
  2. Assuming that the class was introduced during the first phase of the Protoculture Schism War (source) and that the Schism War occurred less than 500,000 years ago (source).
  3. Macross 7.
  4. Reasonable, considering that the 4.8 million-strong Bodol Zer Main Fleet, one of several Zentradi fleets in the galaxy, featured many such battleships.
  5. Macross Mecha Manual but also, IIRC, seen on-screen in Macross II.
  6. This is my best estimate for the YF-19’s FTL flight from Eden to Earth during Macross Plus, and I have used it here with the understanding that by 2040, Human FTL capabilities were on par with that of their Zentradi allies to the extent that a prototype FTL booster could enable a fightercraft to reach the neighbourhood of starship FTL velocities.
  7. Macross Mecha Manual.