Specs: Negh’Var-class (Star Trek)

IKS Negh’Var from DS9: The Way of the Warrior [Memory Alpha\CBS Studios]


  • Role: Battleship [1]
  • Origin: Klingon Empire
  • Introduction: 2372 [2]
  • Status: In service as of 2372
  • Primary User: Imperial Klingon Defense Force
  • Number Built: 1

Physical Characteristics

  • Crew: Unknown
  • L x W x H: 686 m x 500 m x 184 m

Standard Defences

  • Deflector Shield System
  • Klingon Cloaking Device
  • Heavy Disruptor Cannon x 2
  • Multiple Disruptor Banks
  • Multiple Photon Torpedo Launchers

Performance (FTL)

  • Speed (Maximum): >Warp 9.5. [3]

Embarked Craft

  • Unknown

Known Ships

  • Negh’Var.

Production Background

  • The Negh’Var was originally designed by Rick Sternbach for Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994) and was modified by Gary Hutzel for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


  1. Arguably, as it was seen to be reserved for the largest of all assaults as both heavy fire support and as a fleet flagship.
  2. “The Way of the Warrior” (DS9).
  3. “The Way of the Warrior” (DS9). The Negh’Var and its escort fleet were able to pursue the USS Defiant back to station Deep Space 9. The Defiant-class has a normal maximum FTL speed of under Warp 9.5 (DS9: “The Sound of Her Voice”).