Developments with “Star Trek: Discovery”

Setting: The new series will take place in the Prime Universe’s 23rd century, but not after Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, as was believed. The new series will take place ten years before the original series, perhaps even during the same year as “The Cage,” the original Star Trek pilot.

Design: While the new Ralph McQuarrie-inspired design of the USS Discovery is an interesting twist, it will be a stretch to fit this radical design into the somewhat already established design lineage of mid-23rd century Federation starships, e.g. the warp nacelles. If the series is to be an anthology, as it was stated earlier, then I’m betting that season one may as well be further subtitled as “Star Trek: Planet of the Titans.”

LGBT Representation: Bryan Fuller has stated that the new series will have more LGBT representation and I hope he carries through with that promise and in a way that makes sense with the story of Star Trek: Discovery. Previous Star Trek show-runners, including Gene Roddenberry, have made statements about LGBT representation in the past but have failed to make do despite some 170 episodes per series.

Female Lead: Fuller has also stated that the new series will feature a female lead but only with the rank of lieutenant commander. While that would make the new series consistent with the TOS episode “Turnabout Intruder,” where it was stated that women were denied the captaincy in the Federation Starfleet of the mid-23rd century due to sexism, it wouldn’t be consistent with every previous Star Trek series wherein the lead was the captain. However, the perspective of a mid-level senior officer could be just as interesting as it was with the junior officers in “Lower Decks” (TNG).

Uniforms: Trekkers around the world wept that the reappearance of Robert Fletcher’s famed red movie jackets will be delayed a while longer in favour of William Ware Theiss’ uniforms from “The Cage.”