Specs: Colossus-class (FreeSpace)


  • Role: Battleship [1]
  • Origin: Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance
  • Introduction: 2367 [2]
  • Status: Destroyed (2367)
  • Primary User: Terran-Vasudan Fleet
  • Number Built: 1

Physical Characteristics

  • Crew: 30,000 [3]
  • L x W x H: 6,166 m x ± 1,414 m x ±2,060 m [3]

Standard Defences

  • Heavy Particle Beam Cannon x 12 [3] [4]
  • 15-Tube Missile Battery x 12 [3]
  • Tri-Barrel Flak Cannon x 15 [3]
  • Laser Turret x 45 [3]

Embarked Craft

  • 240 space fighters and space bombers [2]

Known Ships

  1. Colossus (2367).


  1. Debatable but most likely. While the Colossus did feature the largest aerospace wing of any GTVA ship and its weapons arrangement seemed more defensive than offensive, I would cast it as a battleship given its size, as it packed the heaviest guns of any GTVA starship, and since in battle it typically fought directly rather than rely on its aerospace craft.
  2. FreeSpace Wiki timeline of the NTF Rebellion.
  3. FreeSpace 2 cutscene GTVA Colossus.
  4. The emitters of the Colossus-class’ heavy particle beam cannons were about 80 m wide. That meant that every time those cannons fired, the diameter of the particle wave was about the height of a 26-story building or the height of the original starship Enterprise.