rev: “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross” [1982]

Just finished my week-long binge watch of the original Macross and found a series of psychological depth beyond Mobile Suit Gundam.


(A for episodes 28–36)


  • Macross helped to spark the 1980s transforming robot craze, e.g. The Transformers, Zeta Gundam.
  • In comparison to the subsequent film version of the show, Do You Remember Love? (DYRL), the 36-episode series fleshed out all of the interpersonal relationships and character development that seemed way too rushed in the film.
  • The production of Macross was rife with financial and production problems. Artwork was frequently outsourced to substandard contractors. The original plot was cut from 48 episodes to 27 but was then expanded to 36 due to the popularity of the show.
  • Due to a clash between the creators and producers, the first third of the series has a different parody tone to the second “serious sci-fi” third. The final third of the series was actually a rushed abbreviation of the second season.
  • Flash Back 2012 was originally meant to be the ending for DYRL but the producers again ran out of money.
  • Linn Minmay is probably the most unjustly miserable and least psychologically analyzed fictional character I have ever encountered. That is, after saving the human species she gets emotionally abused by everybody around her and is effectively abandoned into stalker-like shell of her former self.
  • Captain Global is the least competent starship captain, ever.

  • The hand that goes through the photo album in the live-action credits actually belongs to Misa Hayase and the animated version of it happens in Episode 28. However, episode 36, the series finale, ends quite differently with a slightly older Misa looking back. Thus, the events of the series were all flashbacks and Misa is the narrator of the series.