rev: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (IMAX 3D)


  • Pro: Better than the prequel films. Excellent first third. Competent stormtroopers. Chewie. The composition and cinematography were good and much better than in the prequel films. Ships and people looked more realistic than the plastic CGI of the prequels. The Force Awakens is the movie spectacle of 2015 that everyone should see at least once, even if they’ll dislike it.
  • Con: No 20th Century Fox fanfare. The latter two-thirds were somewhat predictable. Dialogue was the typically weak Star Wars-variety. The film seemed rather rushed. Not enough Captain Phasma. Uncharacteristically unremarkable John Williams score.

Questions About The Film…

  1. If Finn is a clone trooper—and there’s no proof on this except for a brief mention of them, would Order 66 still be programmed into him and could he be used as a sleeper agent against Luke Skywalker?
  2. Is Rey a member of the Skywalker family? Is she Ben’s sister or a clone of Luke? That she was left on a desert planet as a child would be very similar to Luke Skywalker’s childhood.
  3. What happened to Anakin’s lightsaber between Bespin and this movie?
  4. What’s with all of these new Force powers?
  5. Why would the destruction of Starkiller Base result in the formation of a yellow star?
  6. If Curtis Saxton was correct that the Death Star’s main hypermatter reactor produces “approximately five times the continuous output of the Sun,” than why didn’t the First Order use this as the power source for the Starkiller Base?
  7. Will Ben redeem himself or be destroyed?
  8. What was Snoke’s relationship to the Palpatine and Galactic Empire?