BSG-RDM Q.A. – Valkyrie-type battlestar

Valkyrie type battlestar orthographic views by Frylock86


The Valkyrie-type was an intermediate battlestar design that was in service during and after the First Cylon War. Smaller than wartime battleship/carriers like the Galactica but larger than the Orion-class, ships of this numerous type would constitute a sizable proportion of the postwar Colonial starfleet for some four decades. Like all RDM battlestars, ships of the Valkyrie-type were equipped with gun turrets, anti-ship missile batteries, a complement of “Viper” aerospace fighters, pairs of sublight engine pods, and a FTL jump drive.


  • Length: 649 m
  • Width: 235 m
  • Height: 69 m


  • 106 anti-ship cannons in various calibres,
  • anti-ship missile launchers, and
  • anti-aerospace craft artillery.

Aerospace Wing

  • Viper space fighters
  • Stealthstar reconnaissance craft
  • Raptor multipurpose aerospace craft

Ships Commissioned

  • Valkyrie
  • Yashuman
  • Several unnamed ships


  1. “Hero”
  2. “Razor”
  3. “The Plan”
  4. Blood & Chrome