BSG-RDM Quick Access

While I am glad that the Battlestar Wiki is back up and running, the sad reality is that the majority of websites, especially primarily non-commercial fan websites, do not last. I am reminded of Mark Simmons‘ excellent Gundam Project, and its forum—that I was a regular participant of—that folded in 2002. The possibility that the Battlestar Wiki may fold again seems surprisingly high considering that no new sequels are forthcoming and since the Wiki for other franchises that are long since dead have no comparable hosting or financial issues that I am aware of, e.g. Babylon 5, FreeSpace, Space: Above and Beyond. So, I have decided to separately catalogue a few interesting spacecraft from the franchise that Ronald D. Moore revived onto this blog mostly for myself as my own fan databases, where I can compare starships across multiple fictional universes, always require quick access to canonical facts and figures.