TES III: Morrowind Bug Fix: Negative Weight Bug

While replaying my very first Morrowind character, but with all of the latest patches and add-ons, I encountered this beneficial but ultimately immersion-breaking negative weight or negative encumbrance bug. While the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) wiki had no info on the bug, Google found me several archived threads at Tom’s Hardware, including a solution by user “CJ.”

My paraphrasing of CJ’s solution is as follows:

  1. First, dump out everything on your player character (PC), from claymore to lockpick.
  2. Next, add one or more heavy items onto your PC of known weight, e.g. Daedric armor cuirass, until the encumbrance of your PC reaches a positive number.
  3. Calculate your PC’s negative encumbrance and write it down.
  4. Go to the TES Construction Set that came with Morrowind and/or install it, if you must.
  5. Select an existing object, say a kwama egg, change its object ID to something easy to remember, like “Z.” The Construction Set will ask if you want to want to create a new object. Select, yes.
  6. With this new object, “Z,” increase or lower its weight to bring your PC’s encumbrance to zero.
  7. Then save this new mod with another easy to remember name, like “Z Mod.”
  8. When you start a new game of Morrowind, “Z Mod” should now appear in the “Data Files” list. Select it and then load up your character, ignoring any warnings along the way.
  9. Now, open up the Console and add your new object to your PC: player->additem “Z” 1
  10. Voila. You can test this whether this has truly worked by having your PC pick up an object, say an “Iron War Axe,” and confirming whether your PC’s encumbrance is now at 24/xxx.
  11. If everything is okay, then save your game and exit Morrowind.
  12. Restart Morrowind, but this time, remove the “Z Mod” plug-in from the list of active plug-ins in “Data Files.” Also, remember to completely delete it later.
  13. Now, load up your saved game without the “Z Mod,” ignoring all warning windows along the way, and then save your character.
  14. If for some reason the negative encumbrance was not corrected by the dummy “Z” object, you’ll have to make a new plug-in file (Stage 4).