TorStar: “Patchwork of employment perpetuates poverty cycle for Toronto family”

Patchwork of employment perpetuates poverty cycle for Toronto family” by Sara Mojtehedzadeh (Toronto Star)

(Richard) Wang arrived in Canada 10 years ago as a middle-class married man: a trained interpreter who had also lectured in fine art history. After a brief stint in Winnipeg, his family moved to the 320 Dixon Rd. tower blocks in Toronto — an environment so stressful that his wife left him to join her sister in Calgary.

He has raised Noah as a single parent ever since. He was told temporary work was the easiest way to get on the job ladder. But a decade later, he is still on the bottom rung.

But amid the uncertainty, there have been small successes: moving from Dixon to a bachelor apartment in what he feels is a safer neighbourhood. Buying a guitar for Noah, who Wang hopes has an artistic bent.