NaNoWriMo Word Count Issues

Like several thousand NaNoWriMo participants already know, the online system is under a heavy strain the likes of which I haven’t seen in four years. Thousands of participants have become frustrated with the simple act of submitting a string of four digits that constitute the number of words that they’d written that day only to led to browser that stutters to load anything then to the terminal finality of a 404 error page. This was so bad, I simply gave up by midnight and went to sleep.

It is good that so many people around the world are taking to the Web to indulge in acts of creativity. After all, the “Hipster” or “Millennial” decade has not furnished the world with a single worthy text. However, I wished that the organizers informed me of this ongoing issue via email because I could’ve either written yesterday’s chapter earlier in the day during off-peak hours and with an extra 300 words to boot.

P.S. I hope to hit the 10,000 word mark sometime today.