re: “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman”

As an experiment to explore the degrees of patriarchy and sexism in North American society, “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” was an interesting effort. Ten hours were spent recording Manhattan, New York, and its people in situ as a young woman walked its streets behind a camera. However, the video uploaded to YouTube and that has gone viral, gave only 2 minutes out of 600 minutes that were claimed to be recorded, and quite frankly opens itself to a critique of selective bias.

Notwithstanding what happened in the now viral video, wherein almost exclusively poor, shiftless, unemployed, and possibly mentally ill Latino and African-American males in Manhattan—especially younger men who were fans of hip hop,  harassed this woman, were these the only men that this woman encountered or were they the worst of the lot? Were these men demonstrative of all the men who had harassed the woman or were they arbitrarily chosen some other way? Where are the metrics, the statistics, and the raw 10-hour video?

Manhattan is a big, multicultural borough, jammed pack with people of Latino and African-American, but also Middle Eastern, East Asian, and European heritage. Where were these other men? Were there no women or people of transgender who sexually harassed this woman? Also, why wasn’t it highlighted that the male New England Patriot fan, who was briefly seen in the video, did not actively engage in the sexual harassment of the woman in the video?

The project was a good effort, a promising starting point, but from the video on YouTube right now I’d say the net that was cast was too small. While this video somewhat persuades me that hip hop culture is sexist and misogynist, the video doesn’t persuasively show me extent of patriarchy and sexism in mainstream society, much less New York and its multiplicity of societies.

I can’t wait to analyze the full 10 hour recording.