link: A Brief History of the General War

An Ark Royal-class CVA from Star Trek: Starfleet Command II: Empires At War [Taldren/Interplay]

For fans of Star Fleet Battles and Star Trek: Starfleet Command.

The MacArthur finally reached Remus, destroying virtually every military and industrial facility in the entire system. Leviathan and several other ships under construction but still incomplete had been towed to Romulus and were saved, but everything else was lost. The battle was not, however, entirely a Romulan defeat. Some ten flotillas of the new PFs, until then untested in battle, ripped into the Federation fleet. They ignored all other ships, concentrating their attack on the “Big Mac”. At terrible loss, they were successful, and MacArthur (unable to separate its saucer section) crashed into the planet. It landed uncontrolled directly into the capital city (also called Remus), at which point the nuclear reactors exploded in a 174-megaton explosion. The entire planet was reduced, quite literally, to the stone age in the ensuing planet-wide earthquake and the brief “nuclear winter” that kept the planet shrouded in clouds for three years.

—from A Brief History of the General War by the Amarillo Design Bureau, 1995