Murtaza Haider: TTC Yonge-University-Spadina line only running at 66% capacity

From “The TTC Isn’t Pulling its Weight” by Murtaza Haider, an Associate Dean of Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management (The Huffington Post).

The subway system has the design capacity to run 30-plus trains per hour. Still, the TTC operates fewer than 23 trains. The underinvestment in maintaining and improving the existing transit infrastructure is the reason that subways operate below their potential.

[A]s is the case today, the political leadership focused on expanding the rail-based transit into the suburbs rather than consolidating the existing network. The quest for the suburban voters has indeed expanded the rail-based transit network into the suburbs, yet it has contributed to reduced transit operating efficiencies. The current mayoral race is another example of the hopefuls wanting to extend the subway or other rail-based systems rather than first fixing the bottlenecks on the YUS subway line.

Here’s a link to an CityNews interview with Professor Haider.