York U Document Tracker

It should’ve been around yesterday evening that the York University Document Tracker would have been updated to reflect the latest, unnecessary supporting documents package that the new hires at SFS requested from me, with the thought that it would be impossible for me to get.

Fortunately, though pretentious, unprofessional, classist, and also arguably racist and caste-discriminatory people always get in my way and will obstruct me, these days they’ll rarely win so completely. With help from people at York and even at Elections Canada in Gatineau, Quebec, I’ve submitted perhaps even more than I was asked for. But even if I don’t get what I’m owed, because the person in charge of my application insists that I shouldn’t get anything, possibly because I’m Chinese, I’ll still get a chance to complain to the University Ombudsperson with a detailed report.

Besides, nothing’s going to remove from memory the ego-bruising cutting remarks that I wrote to preface my submission.

Sigh, “the struggle is real.”