Star Trek, The Lost Years: 2350s, Pt.1

The Picard Maneuver (CBS/Aatrek)



  • During a battle, Romulan (and undoubtedly Reman) troops board General Shi’Vang’s flagship. Among the Klingons who repel the Romulans is the civilian labourer Martok, who fights courageously.
  • To reward Martok for his courage, General Shi’Vang gives him a battlefield commission.
  • Benjamin Sisko enters Starfleet Academy. At the Academy, Sisko would become the captain of the Academy wrestling team, and would make life-long friends with future Maquis leader Calvin Hudson and the famous diplomat Curzon Dax. He would also meet Solok, a rival, and future two-time winner of the Medal of Valor.
  • William Riker’s father abruptly abandons him.
  • Beverly Crusher (nee Howard) graduates from Starfleet Medical Academy.
  • Annika Hansen (Seven of Nine) is born.


  • Enabran Tain, the secret father of Elim Garak, becomes the final leader of the Obsidian Order, the Cardassian intelligence service.
  • Quark leaves Ferenginar.
  • Data is promoted to Lieutenant.
  • Julian Bashir’s family moves to Invernia II. Julian’s encounter with a dying girl on Invernia II begins his dream of being a doctor.
  • Benjamin Sisko is posted to Starbase 137 for his Academy field study.


  • Natasha Yar flees Turkana IV for Federation space.
  • Beverly Crusher becomes a medical intern on Delos IV under Dr. Dalen Quaice.


  • Brilliant Federation exobiologists Magnus and Erin Hansen petition the Federation Council on Exobiology to support their mission to study the mysterious Borg. The Council will agree and provide the Hansens with a starship, over the concerns of Starfleet.
  • Both William Riker and Geordi La Forge enter Starfleet Academy.
  • The Tholians make a surprise attack on a UFP starbase. The attack badly injures Kyle Riker.
  • During medical treatment, Kyle Riker first meets Dr. Katherine Pulaski.
  • Worf’s kills his first sentient being, a human child during a sporting event.
  • The Hansens begin their search for the Borg.
  • Nog is born this year on Ferenginar.
  • Tora Ziyal, the illegitimate daughter of Gul Dukat is born.
  • Unknown to her, Kira Nerys’ mother Meru dies.


  • Benjamin Sisko and Solok graduates from Starfleet Academy.
  • Benjamin Sisko first meets Jennifer, his future wife.
  • Deanna Troi probably enters Starfleet Academy during this year.
  • B’Elanna’s father abandons her family.
  • Jack Crusher is killed during a Stargazer away mission.
  • The Hansens depart Federation space on the USS Raven in search of the Borg.


  • The Battle of Maxia.
  • An unknown starship, later revealed to be Ferengi, makes a surprise attack the USS Stargazer in the Maxia star system. With the Stargazer‘s systems failing, Captain Picard invents the “Picard Maneuver” and destroys the Ferengi vessel. This battle would be the unofficial first contact between UFP and Ferengi, but not between Humans and Vulcans with the Ferengi.
  • Immediately after the battle, the crippled and on fire Stargazer is abandoned by its crew, who drift for weeks in shuttlecraft.
  • Worf performs the Rite of Ascension and the Rite of MajQa during this year.
  • Kira Nerys enters the camp of the Shakaar resistance cell and ingratiates herself in the hopes of being a real freedom fighter.
  • Deanna Troi enters Starfleet Academy.
  • Jake Sisko is born.


  • The Haakonian unleash their superweapon, the metreon cascade upon the Talaxian moon of Rinax.
  • The fall of Rinax prompts the surrender of Talax and the end of the decade-long Talaxian-Haakonian War.
  • Neelix leaves the Talaxian system forever.
  • Kira formally joins the Bajoran Resistance.
  • The Hansens are assimilated by the Borg.
  • Kathryn Janeway first meets Tuvok.


  • The infamous Gallitep labor camp on Bajor is liberated by the Shakaar resistance cell. Among the resistance members is a young Kira Nerys.
  • Worf becomes the first Klingon to be admitted to Starfleet Academy.
  • Both William Riker and Geordi La Forge graduate from Starfleet Academy in this year. However, they will not even become aware of each under until later in their respective careers.
  • Riker is posted to the USS Pegasus, under the command of Captain Erik Pressman, seven months after his graduation.
  • La Forge is posted to the USS Victory under Captain Zimbata.
  • As part of the wider Galen border conflicts, the Talarians attack a Federation colony on Castal I only to suffer casualties, including the son of Captain Endar.
  • After the attack on Castal I, the Federation colony on Galen IV is destroyed by the Talarians.


  • Kathryn Janeway’s father dies on Tau Ceti Prime.
  • Ro Laren enters Starfleet Academy.
  • The Pegasus is engaged in classified and illegal experiments under the supervision of Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Provoked by the illegal experiments, the crew of the Pegasus mutinies, the only known successful mutiny on a Federation starship.
  • The Pegasus is soon wrecked in the Devolin system. The only survivors are Captain Pressman, William Riker, and seven other crewmembers.
  • The subsequent court martial on the wreck of the Pegasus is buried by Starfleet Intelligence after the JAG suggests that the survivors lied under oath and that the matter be further investigated.
  • William Riker is then posted to Betazed where he first meets Deanna Troi.
  • Harry Kim joins his parents on a humanitarian mission to a colony that has suffered a radiation disaster. Kim would also contract the Mendakan pox this year.


  • Deanna Troi graduates from Starfleet Academy with a major in psychology.
  • Deanna Troi then begins to study clinical psychology at the University of Betazed. Among her patients is Tam Elbrun.
  • Worf and K’Ehleyr break up.
  • The bloody civil war on Mordan IV ends.