re: Noam Chomsky

re: “Nightmare in Gaza” by Noam Chomsky

While I agree with the overall thrust of Noam Chomsky’s argument, I disagree with what he expects from the United States government. Chomsky insists that if Americans agitate enough their elected politicians will stop the conflict in Gaza, as if Congress or Barack Obama controlled Israel. Unfortunately, the American military-industrial complex, which has for decades perpetuated the Middle East conflict in order to sell arms and technology, operates somewhat independently from the elected legislative branch of the US government and especially its executive branch.

Indeed, even as President Obama condemned Israeli shelling of civilian targets and as Vice-President John Kerry negotiated a cease-fire, the US military transferred munitions to the Israeli Defense Forces from its stockpile in Israel or War Reserves Stock Allies-Israel (WRSA-I). According to the US military, they have prior arrangements with the Israeli government to supply arms upon request that do not necessitate Congressional approval.

Interestingly, US government also finances the militaries of Saudi Arabia and Jordan… truly, staunch, neighbourly allies of Israel.