Downton Abbey – Season 2


Wow, it took an entire World War to add some good emotional depth to the series.


  • Thomas destroying his bounty of fake goods.
  • Thomas searching in vain for Isis / Thomas redeemed.
  • Matthew Crawley, though he was occasionally petulent.
  • World War I trench scenes, ’cause the British loves that stuff. “Steady, The Buffs!
  • Cora, though, I really found it difficult to believe that she was still an American during this season, especially during those situations when she should’ve been a hot-headed Yank but instead choose to be a Brit of much sangfroid.
  • Daisy Robinson still being bullied.
  • The Ethel Parks’ subplot, being the emotional peak of the season.


  • Mary, ’cause she’s so irritating.
  • How Lavinia Swire was so easily discarded.
  • So, Thomas is still gay, right? Or did the series’ creators chicken out of that?
  • The contrived-to-be-bad legal defence of Mr. Bates. No way would the defence not clue in the witnesses to what Bates said during his interrogation unless Bates’ lawyers wanted him to lose. Also, it’s a conflict of interest in that Bates’ lawyer is being paid for by Lord Grantham, a subpoenaed witness.
  • The exasperating and even comical depiction of the British stiff upper lip, as embodied by Mr. Bates. Bates, can’t you just cut the crap and tell it to Robert Crawley straight?