How to Stop Rob Ford from Winning the Next Election

  1. Unite the centre and the left.
  2. Double the percentage of voters in the core urban areas from 1/3 to 2/3 through marketing, local canvassing, and the allure of vision.
  3. Politics is local: mobilize the citizenry not with strangers (canvass teams drawn from non-locals) but with locals, i.e. “neighbours.”
  4. Marketing: the united front centre-left front must have a consistent image, slogan, theme song, and vision.
  5. Emphasize program affordability and fiscal responsibility.
  6. Stop lecturing people about saving the middle class. Instead go beyond class to discuss education, transit, and other bread and butter issues.
  7. Establish a fiscal, moral, and anti-narcotic “understanding” between Old Toronto, North York, East York, and York.