Split Infinities

In the comics, Captain America is the Marvel Universe’s unparalleled master of the martial arts. I don’t know why, but that’s what I’ve read on too many “Versus” online threads. These same readers/posters have also argued that Cap is as skilled a martial artist as DC Comics’ Batman—though Batman isn’t the most skilled martial artist in the DC Universe. I do know that Cap has been repeatedly depicted as easily besting the Daredevil, the Punisher, and Spiderman (who is superhuman), but that’s only proof that he can beat those guys. Furthermore, film adaptations of Captain America have demonstrated that his martial skill couldn’t be less of the case of preeminent dominance.

As opposed to the comics, when Captain America was thawed decades ago and he used much of those years to learn all the martial arts in the world, the current film Captain America is physically about 28 years old: born in 1918, enlists in 1942, MIA in 1944, and thawed in 2011. And aside from various boxing and ad hoc moves in two moves, he doesn’t seem to be a master of the martial arts like Batman, though he easily has the potential to be. Fortunately, there’s a new Captain America film coming out and hopefully the writers will give the character his due.