Some Highly Educated People Still Don’t Know How to Write

While I’m a third of the way through writing the first 10,000 block of my new novel, while I try my best not to fight on in this computer turn based strategy game (after all, I’m only 4 infantry divisions away from possibly breaking a stalemate in the western sector against some 291,600 Orcs—Oh, did the Hadderland Plateau bleed red and black!), or do a bunch of stuff related to research and academic writing, I read through a new article on the Globe and Mail and learned that some so-called smart people simply don’t know how to write.

This article was “Could a University of Toronto student get into Harvard?” by Brandon Bailey and Semra Sevi.

Throughout our years at the University of Toronto we’ve repeatedly been told that we are receiving a world-class education like Harvard. (Emphasis mine, and also from the original version of the article.)

So, “Harvard” is this admirable individual who went to the U of T and for whom we should be congratulating for getting a world class education…

Okay, but the article flows from one thing and to another without any proper leading.