Autumn Rain

I enjoy driving on the first really rainy day in autumn.

The sky is dark and unhopeful. The rain just pours. The cold is cold. And my car stereo has all of these depressing songs from high school.

Driving around on rainy autumn days takes me back to all of those years when I didn’t have a car. Back then, I’d just have an uncomfortable jacket, a Walkman or a MP3 player filled with U2 music to give me hope at the bus stop in the face of the always late and always unreliable TTC. You can inquire, if you want or shout, why the bus was late, but then you’re told that the TTC has a schedule, then the route has a schedule, then the bus, and then the bus driver…

“In my younger and more vulnerable years,” I took the TTC and I had to deal with various conflicting schedules. No great stories and no ounce of pride ever came from those silent vigils. But now, because I can drive, I can make my own schedule through the rain.