Dolores O’Riordan, 1971–2018


Starting Lineups

Like many Canadians, I probably won’t recognize the non-NHL players listed on our Olympics-bound Men’s National Hockey team. The NHL simply won’t let their players play for their countries. How sad.

Anyways, if I were the Commissioner of the NHL, using the customary powers of a sports commissioner, this would be my starting line up for Canada’s 2018 men’s national hockey team:

  • Centre – 1985 Wayne Gretzky
  • Left Wing – 1988 Mario Lemieux
  • Right Wing – 1977 Guy Lafleur
  • Defenceman 1 – 1970 Bobby Orr
  • Defenceman 2 – 1977 Larry Robinson
  • Goalie – 1986 Patrick Roy

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Snubbing

Yes, Radiohead should’ve been inducted into the RRHOF this year, even if they didn’t care, if all things were equal, square and fair. However, the RRHOF isn’t fair, it isn’t even comprehensible given its inclusion of non-rock/non-singing acts. In fact, many music listeners don’t care about the RRHOF unless they’re music artists or acts in the seniority or the twilight of their years.

There’s a consistent trend with the RRHOF rejecting somewhat unusual yet popular and innovative acts despite some decades of eligibility. Worthy and/or historically significant acts like KISS, The Moody Blues, The Cars, The Guess Who, and Heart took decades to make it into RRHOF, while lesser, Styx-level acts, like Chicago and Rush are in the Hall with them. I will not even bring up the snubbing of The Smashing Pumpkins, of which I could write essays about.

However, there’s the case of Green Day.


The Grey Cup and Other Things

Exhibition Stadium in 1959 [CNE Archives, Public Domain]

In the wake of yesterday’s Grey Cup, a few things came to my mind:

  • gridiron football in the snow is amazing
  • all future Grey Cups should be played in the snow
  • the last two times the Grey Cup has been played in the snow were both won by the Toronto Argonauts
  • the Maritimes deserve a CFL team or two
  • the CFL is the last North American major league that has resisted merging with its US counterpart
  • Canadian interest in NFL has steadily increased over the years while American interest in the NFL has declined
  • CTE remains is a huge issue that must be resolved
  • the CFL should see a viewership increase after this game, but
  • the CFL has seen its audience shrunk tremendously over the past few decades
  • the Argos used to have bigger digs than BMO Field


Coup d’état underway in Zimbabwe

In the same improbable year that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe—long considered in the West as a dictator who has led his country to economic ruin—was elected the World Health Organization’s goodwill ambassador, he has been overthrown by his own military.

The Zimbabwe people are now at a crossroads. Don’t waste this…

a Canadian city getting Amazon’s HQ2?

I would like it if Amazon choose a Canadian city for their second North American headquarters, and I actually wouldn’t mind if a city other than Toronto gets it. For instance, my most recent trip to Montreal showed me that that city is in dire need of an economic booster shot. Meanwhile, Toronto and the GTA seems bursting at the seams and our infrastructure doesn’t seem like it handle +50,000 more people. However, Quebec has just passed their Bill 62, another unpleasant and divisive law that undoubtedly will drive more people away from la belle province… probably the same people Amazon would want to recruit.

My Notes for ST: DIS 1×06 “Lethe”

  • Michael Burnham and Cadet Tilly enjoyed one of my favourite dishes, breakfast burritos, just the way I like them—with extra salsa.
  • Lots of original Star Trek references, from the USS Enterprise, to the Constitution-class heavy cruiser, along with Sarek, Amanda Grayson, and Spock.
  • Admiral Katrina Cornwell’s ship was not shown, just mentioned.
  • The series is being more ambiguous with regards to the food slots… is it a replicator, a protein resequencer or a high-speed elevator?
  • A lot of the episode was filmed at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto… and on a day that I wasn’t there!
  • Stamets was pretty weird this episode. Probably some reference to “The Enemy Within,” except that his evil/aggressive/snarky self is trapped in his washroom’s mirror.
  • During a rewatch of the previous episode, “Choose Your Pain,” I have doubts about the fan theory that Ash Tyler is just Voq in disguise because, if so, then Ash’s/Voq’s fight with L’Rell would have been unnecessary… unless he was also brainwashed to believe that he was human as a sleeper agent. But given the traitor is still a traitor rule, e.g. Dune‘s Dr. Yueh, how can Voq believe that he can lead a unified Klingon Empire if he dishonours himself by becoming a human, as the Klingon augments were also dishonoured?
  • Also, didn’t Voq suck with weapons? Ash Tyler is a pilot/rifle-god.
  • Ash also has no problem with eating un-fresh human food, unlike Kurn.
  • Klingons under Kol are spreading the use of cloaking devices.
  • As lots of online commentators have mentioned, the story arc versus episodic format of the series has left a lot to be desired with regards to character development. It’s episode six and we’re just starting to get a glimpse of Saru, but still know nothing about Keyla Detmer. Rmr. “The Naked Now” was TNG’s third episode.
  • I briefly thought that the idea of showing Lorca with a Phaser on him, after hearing that he had effectively set up his former friend/lover Kat Cornwell, was to show that he was considering suicide. He was probably just that paranoid.
  • Should’ve mentioned it earlier, probably spoken of by now, but why wasn’t “Garth of Izar” mentioned among Starfleet’s best captains? Kirk supposedly studied his exploits at Starfleet Academy so I guess was he retconned. Maybe, in the brief period between Kirk’s studies and the time of Discovery, Garth has already fallen into disgrace.
  • Who volunteered for the spore drive this time?